i need guidance pleaseRequest

i have recently become a slave... just over a week ago in fact. i am in my 40's and i'm wondering what took me so long to find out what i am.
i need advice on how to please my master as he demands that i do something every day to please him, but he doesn't tell me what he wants me to do. this makes me feel put on the spot and my mind goes blank.
thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: i need guidance please#1

Am looking for a Master/Mistress myself.So well done in finding one.You need to be honest right from the start as does he.you must tell each other what is expected from each other and lay down rules for each other to follow He must give orders for you to follow and obey and you must carry out those orders without hesitation.At the end of it all both must be satisfied with what has been done. All this must always be done in a safe manner.no one must be hurt.this is pleasure right.
Hope this helps you.Have fun

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